Mission & Vision

Connecting People to Jesus

The Mission

 Connect people to Jesus.
Everything we do at Grace is focused on helping people find and strengthen their connection to Jesus through the Holy Spirit. 

The Vision

We will cultivate a new generation of deep-rooted disciples who will offer Gospel-centered ministry to our community for the next 100 years.
We are committed to nurturing the spiritual and personal lives of individuals and families to boldly proclaim the Good News of Jesus in East Polk County for future generations.

Our Core Values

Divine Connection

The Father Gives Us Identity
Our Father uniquely crafts each person in His image to have a personal relationship
with Him. He graciously redeems sinners to be His own children and gives us
purpose on His earth. Connecting with Him is central to everything we do.

Continual Growth

The Son Calls Us Forward
Jesus graciously goes before us and invites us to follow Him in personal
responsibility, life-long learning, and love. His Spirit replaces our sinfulness
with His truth, grace, and love so that each of us grows more like Jesus in our
character, words, and life.

Consistent Welcome

The Spirit Makes Us One
The Holy Spirit unites and gathers the Church by calling all to repentance, faith, and
community. We participate with the Spirit in Christ’s redemptive mission because
God’s family is not complete until all of His children are welcomed home.

Mutual Support

We Walk Together
The Body of Christ cares for one another through the sorrows and joys during each
stage of life. Brothers and sisters in Christ recognize each other’s differences, seek to
understand more than to be understood, support collective decisions, and practice
Christ-like love.

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